How to Get the Perfect Floor Plan

One of the greatest challenges faced by owners of both residential and commercial properties is reconfiguring available space to unlock its’ highest and best use. This is especially true when starting with a funky layout or when adding space to an existing structure.

Have you ever been in a home where it was easy to go from room to room, or where interior living rooms flow seamlessly with outdoor living areas? Do you have pictures pinned of your dream kitchen with perfectly positioned windows flooding the space with sunlight? Want your master suite to flow seamlessly between the bedroom, bath and closet spaces but still have privacy from the remainder of the home?

Those perfectly integrated details don’t happen by chance and they are impossible without a great floor plan.

Designing the ideal floor plan is the critical first step in guaranteeing the most dramatic impact on function, aesthetics and property value. You can’t fix function by making it pretty. Like a broken bone that was never set properly aches every time it rains, the cosmetic renovation of a subpar floor plan will cause you pain every day of your life.

For you to make the most out of your space, the floor plan (and directly related space plan) are the foundations of a great design. But pulling off the perfect floor plan is part art and part science. This cross-over in disciplines is why it presents a challenge for so many Interior Designers and Architects — and it’s why Studio 818 is uniquely equipped to provide you the perfect floor plan for your project.

What exactly is a floor plan?

Put simply, a floor plan is a drawing showing walls and other structural features for a single level of a building. It includes paths of travel and dimensions for rooms along with the sizes of window and door openings.

When a floor plan ‘works’ — the value of the property is increased exponentially. But that’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to an “open-concept floor plan.” To make an open-concept floor plan beautiful AND functional takes vision, skill and experience working with challenging spaces. It also requires diving deeper than what the floor plan provides on it’s own. This is where the space plan comes in. 

The space plan

As the name implies, a space plan is an in-depth analysis of how physical space is used. We analyze the purpose of spaces and who will use them at different times of the day. A comprehensive space plan shows the elements of each space including cabinetry, types of windows and doors along with a rough layout for key furniture pieces. Combined with the floor plan, you get a clear picture of how to bring out the highest and best use of your home or business.

The bottom line is — when the floor plan and resulting spaces are well-designed you have the foundation for a beautiful design that functions perfectly in daily use. And because this planning solves problems that are unsolvable for the majority of people Studio 818 is giving you a fundamental basis that exponentially multiplies the value added to your property as the full design is developed and executed.

Our Expertise

Thanks to nearly a decade of experience in the development of Designer Spec Homes we have become experts at fixing funky floor plans in pre-existing structures and creating ideal floor plans to base new construction on. Real estate development means deploying investor funds to generate a solid return on investment. Because of this high level of fiscal responsibility we design outside the box that the typical interior designer or architect operates within.

We know from experience that creating a great floor plan is the primary step in driving both aesthetics and value enhancement. Beautiful finishes, fixtures and furniture are like lipstick on a pig if the floor plan is not right. Understanding how to unlock the hidden potential in properties is a unique skill set that allows Studio 818 to take on the most challenging structures and design ideal spaces for our clients.

The Floor-Planning Process

As with all our programs this begins with the Discovery process to study your goals, complete a lifestyle analysis and define the scope of your project. Next we schedule an on-site feasibility study to analyze the property for any restrictive structural issues that will need to be addressed.

From there we enter the floor plan development phase where your new floor plan and space plan are developed. The result is the perfect skeletal master-plan for the ultimate design of your home or business space. At the end of this phase we have solved the biggest hurdle you face in creating a functional space and we have set the cornerstone for a great design that perfectly compliments your lifestyle. 

If you’re looking to fix your funky Florida floor plan and create the perfect accompanying space plan, let’s chat!


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