Project No. 28: Before & After Photos

This design project was named after the Bentley emblem uniquely tattooed on the forehead of the tenant of this home when it was acquired as a short-sale by Restore 818 Inc. (Yes, seriously.) This project was one of couple for “firsts” for Janie; the first waterfront project and the first interior design project requiring over a quarter-million dollar budget. As the most neglected property in the East Wilton Manors waterfront neighborhood, Janie and JP were cheered-on by scores of neighbors grateful to see the transformation take place. As you can see in the design transformation is remarkable.

As is often the case with short-sale properties the owners neglect upkeep of the property. Bentley house raised the game to a whole new level with the owner renting the home out to a rough crowd who pretty much trashed the property. Just for perspective on how rough; the home was finally vacated with Police arresting the tenant finding two stolen ATM’s and a stolen Mercedes in the garage.
The before photos below speak for themselves as far as the property condition. The home was originally built with 3-bedrooms, 2-baths and a very funky floor plan in desperate need of fixing. The seawall and dock on the ocean-access canal were a deathtrap. When you take a look at the before photos both front and rear you can see why neighbors from all sides of the property were thrilled to have Janie & JP on the job.

The house was gutted to the block with all interior walls completely demolished to create a blank slate for Janie to work her design magic. As always that started with the new floor plan creating a 3-bedroom, 3-bath layout with two suites and an open-concept living area all overlooking the water. An addition created the square footage for the generous master suite. Windows and doors were created or enlarged to allow light and views to flow freely thought the home.

The backyard transformation was just as stunning with the decrepit pool decking and dock demolished to allow for the creation of the new decking and boat dock with over 1,200 Sf. of new space creatively expanding the outdoor living areas over the water.

* Note: Photos are with staging by Restore 818.


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