GRANNY HOUSE: Designer Renovation & Expansion
Project No. 37: Before & After Photos

Yes, Granny House. It wasn’t nicknamed for its’ rebuilt state with new additions and Interior Design. Rather the nickname was in honor of the nice senior lady that Janie and JP purchased the home from as another Restore 818 development project. Located biking distance to the beach in the Imperial Point neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale the property had the right location to make it worth the substantial budget required to complete the transformation. 

The original structure was built in 1965 as an L-shaped 2-bedroom, 2-bath home with an open carport. At some point in the life of the home the owner had a very strange triangle-shaped Florida room added. That huge structure essentially took up the entire back yard so there was no pool.
Inside this home was one of those rare homes that was literally all original as it was built. As you can see from the ‘before’ photos below you can see “dated” would be an understatement. The original supporting block walls, concrete columns and tie-beams on the rear of the homer were a major impediment to designing the new floor plan up and creating uninteruptted ceilings for the open concept living areas. 

As part of the Design Beyond Interiors the original structure was gutted to the block with the strange triangle shaped addition demolished. Most interior walls were removed with three new additions added to allow for the fresh new open concept floor plan. The concrete was cut open throughout the existing slab to replace all cast iron sewer lines and dated water supply lines. All new sewer and water supply lines using the most up-to-date materials.

One addition created a new wing off the front of the home for a third bedroom. The original shared bath was increased in size by over 50% in anticipation of the bath being used as the dedicated “kids bath.” Another addition allowed for the expansion of the living area with a new bath added to serve as the guest bath for the common living and pool areas. The concrete tie-beam and columns of the old exterior wall in this area were removed and a new recessed 24-ft steel I-beam was installed to allow for continuous ceilings and the new 12-ft 4-panel impact sliders overlooking the pool.

Janie and JP designed the living area addition to also open the kitchen to the living and dining areas making it ideal for the cook who wants to be part of the action while entertaining. The third addition was the conversion of the open carport into a full-size 2-car garage. Rounding out the new additions to the property was a new 14′ x 28′ pool with a sun-shelf surrounded by travertine pavers.   

* Note: Furnishings as shown are a collaboration between Restore 818 and a third party stager.

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