Have you heard the horror stories of home renovations gone bad? Are you holding back on a whole-house re-design because of disappointing results you’ve personally experienced on a past project? Maybe you can’t even get the ball rolling because you’re afraid of buying a property that will blow your budget and leave you with a house you hate?

Studio 818 handles all the headaches of creating a stunning professionally designed home through our full-service Design + Build Management systems. Beginning with the design we solve all the problems that normally come with a major home renovation, expansion or ground-up construction project for you.

Located in Fort Lauderdale we work with residential and boutique-commercial clients living locally or out-of-State. Our specialities are turnkey whole-property transformations, new construction, and major floor plan reconfigurations.  

Below are the four stages of the design-build process and the services we provide for each.


There’s no shortage of dated or disappointingly renovated homes in South Florida. It’s easy to get frustrated or discouraged trying to find the right property without the right guidance. Dozens of factors need to be considered before acquiring a property that will meet your goals without blowing your overall budget. Unfortunately the vast majority of Realtors can’t help as these are things that require extensive investment and development experience to identify.

Buying the wrong property can cost you tens-of-thousands of dollars. In many cases it will prevent you from building your dream home as originally envisioned. With our ‘Buy It Right’ Acquisition Consulting we guide you through the house-hunting process using our 25-years of real estate investment & development experience to screen and pre-qualify properties for you BEFORE you buy.

If you’re looking to build a perfectly-designed dream home from the ground-up we’ll help you identify the right tear-down property based on valuations, neighborhood gentrification, and local market dynamics.

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The floor plan is the cornerstone of a great design. The functionality of a design and effectiveness of how it matches and enhances your lifestyle both flow from the floor plan and space plan. The best finishes, fixtures and furniture will not fix function.  

If you’re starting out with a floor plan that doesn’t work for you it can be daunting trying to figure out how to fix it. Facing this challenge can leave you paralyzed thinking; “Can I even make this work?”  If you have an existing home and you want to make sure it can be reconfigured to meet your goals before committing to the full-scale design development — this is where you start.

Unlike most design firms who only focus on the lipstick, the Studio 818 team are experts at fixing funky floor plans and adding space to unlock your property’s full potential. We see hidden potential, envision what an existing space can be transformed into, and translate that vision into a floor plan that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We get excited and energized by challenges that others want to throw up their hands and walk away from. No matter what the scope of your project is, designing the ideal floor plan is the critical first step for guaranteeing the most dramatic impact on the function, beauty and value of your property.

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Studio 818’s Design + Build Management process redefines how great design gets developed and executed. We take the lead from your first thought of renovating or building a new home to the last pillow placed. The Studio 818 team sets the master-design, develops the design in parallel with the architect and engineers, and then manages the hundreds of moving parts required to successfully complete your project. 

We make your life simple providing you a single point of contact for the entire project. Starting with the design and extending throughout the construction phase we’re on-point as your representative managing all the moving parts and protecting your best interests. Our system streamlines the flow of design development while ensuring you get maximum value from the Architect, Engineer and General Contractor best suited for your project. Studio 818’s designer-led process eliminates the typical adversarial relationship between the design team and contractor/builder which results in a better quality product. 

Many people mistakenly believe the design process ends when construction begins. Unfortunately that’s why there are so many stories of people unhappy with the result of their renovation or newly constructed home. Problems that affect the design as-planned WILL arise along the way, that is the nature of the beast. What’s important is how effectively they get handled as the project moves along.

Studio 818’s designer-led process means the focus on design begins in the pre-planning phase and is maintained all the way through the completion of your project.  With our designer-led process we handle all challenges that arise during the construction phase with an eye on protecting the integrity of your design. 

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If you’ve ever experienced that awful moment when you realize that the sofa that seemed perfect in the showroom now looks like a bad mistake in your living room, you know a home finished-out with jaw-dropping furniture and furnishings doesn’t happen by chance.

Now’s your chance to give yourself the gift of your own ‘Big Reveal’ and make your new property truly turnkey. With this option available exclusively for our full-service Design + Build management clients we cap off the process with the professional design, curation and installation of the trade-sourced furniture and furnishings that turn a house into your home. We’ll discuss this option with you during the Discovery Phase and develop the design with key furniture and artwork pieces in mind for a truly stunning fully furnished home.