Custom Home

Full Service Design + Build Management

Are you excited at the prospect of building a new custom home but at the same time a little concerned by the stories you’ve heard of construction projects gone bad? Never-ending change orders, unscrupulous contractors, designs that fall short of what the homeowner originally envisioned — these are just some of a host of very real concerns. 

For many people Designing and building a custom home is the greatest investment they’ll ever make especially because of the emotions involved. That reason alone is why choosing the right team to lead your project is critical. 

You should be excited about designing and building a new custom home. I mean come on — you’re creating your ideal home 100% from scratch! How great is that!! You have the incredible opportunity of converting a completely blank canvas into your perfect dream home, a house that’s been perfectly designed to compliment your family’s lifestyle.

There ‘s a lot involved in designing and building your custom home. But nothing is more critical to your success than deciding who should lead your project from the beginning. This is where the conventional decision most owners make to hire an independent architect or contractor ends up being the source of the problems they were trying to avoid. (You can read more on the conventional paths to custom home building and the related pitfalls here.)

The Designer-Led Process

Studio 818’s designer-led process for designing and building custom homes stands in stark contrast to the conventional approach taken by most owners. Our designer-led Design + Build Management process has evolved over the last seven years primarily through the design and construction of more than 40 of our own designer homes built for sale.

Our development of designer spec homes has provided a unique proving ground for our systems. We manage every aspect of these projects from acquisition, design and construction to valuation, marketing and sales.

This unfettered freedom has allowed us to accelerate the stress-testing of our processes across the entire design-build project scope. Through our interaction with dozens of architects, engineers and contractors each year we continue to refine our systems to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. And you as the client benefit from all that experience.

Who Leads Your Project Determines Its’ Success

Our full-service Design + Build Management for custom homes handles all the headaches from concept to completion with a relentless focus on function, form and efficiency. ‘Full-service’ means we handle the hundreds of moving parts required to create your dream design, document it and bring it into reality with turn-key convenience. 

With Studio 818’s designer-led process the design team takes the lead from conceptual planning, into design development, through construction — all the way to completion. Before the first hammer swings every detail is pre-planned to control project costs and increase timeline efficiency. When construction begins we stand in the gap for you handling all the challenges that arise while protecting you, your design and your budget.

Our Six-Phase Full-Service
Design + Build Management Process

Through our Six-Phase Full-Service Design + Build Management Process and partnership with select architects Studio 818 provides all you need to make your design dreams a reality; from concept to completed construction.


  • Phase 2: CONCEPTUAL


  • Phase 4: TECHNICAL



Studio 818 is not a general contractor and that is by design. By not acting as both the master designer and general contractor we eliminate conflicts of interest. This includes the concern that many owners have that increases the construction budget are being made to benefit the contractor.

We maximize the efficiency of your project by treating it as if it were being developed for profit. Through our extensive real estate investment and development experience we are able to provide you unbiased guidance and professional construction administration. Under our watchful eye you can have confidence that you’re getting the best quality work, executed the most efficient way, and budgeted at the best possible value.

Are we the perfect fit for you?

Finding the right team to entrust with the leadership of your custom home construction project in South Florida is critical. Designing and building a custom home will generally take anywhere between 12 to 24+ months so making the wrong choice can mean your custom home project feels more like a VERY long bad date than what’s supposed to be one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences of your life. 

Our process is different and it’s not right for everyone. We may be the perfect fit for you IF:

  • The fit, finishes & details in your home are important to you.
  • It’s crucial that the flow & function of your floor plan perfectly compliment your lifestyle.
  • You’re willing to make the upfront investment in time and money to minimize change orders & accelerate timelines by designing in detail before the first hammer swings.
  • You’d like the security of having a trusted team standing in the gap representing and protecting you throughout the entire design-build process.
  • Your time is important and you’re okay letting professionals handle all the moving parts for you.
  • You want to get the maximum benefit from every dollar you invest in building or improving your home.
  • You’d like to ensure your home valuation after completion is greater than what you invested.

Although not exclusive, an optimal return on investment can be expected from Studio 818’s Design + Build Management processes with a home valuation of $1-million+. Our systems work most efficiently with new construction budgets of at least $500k for finished building only; exclusive of building lot, landscaping, furniture, and soft costs (design, plans and permits.) Benefits and return on investment increase with property valuation and budget size.

If you’re unsure what your construction budget is or should be check out this introduction to construction costs in South Florida for some valuable guidance.

What’s the investment for our services?

The investment for Studio 818’s full-service Design + Build Management on a whole-house renovation or new construction of a custom home generally ranges from 12% to 20% of the construction budget. This includes everything you need outside construction and material costs, including:

  • Conceptual design
  • Final design with renderings
  • Finish material specifications
  • Architectural & engineering plans (for permitting)
  • Detailed construction documentation (for contractors)
  • Management of the contractor bidding process
  • Procurement & order management for critical finish materials
  • Designer-led project management throughout construction to completion

Similar to construction costs, investment for our full-service Design + Build Management services is determined by the project scope, size of the home and level of finishes desired. Our services are provided primarily by fixed-fee making it easier to determine your total budget up-front.

Take the First Step

Finding the right team to lead your project can be overwhelming. We believe the best way to make sure we’re the right match and your project ends up a top-notch success is to learn about each other right out of the gate.

It’s simple to get started. Click the button below to schedule an appointment for your Discovery Call and tell us a little about you and your project. We’ll start out with a phone meeting to review your project in more detail.