How to Calculate Your kitchen Renovation Budget

March 19, 2019 admin

How to Calculate Your kitchen Renovation Budget

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From a lifestyle standpoint the kitchen is where you and your family spend the most waking hours of your life when at home. And when it comes to a wise investment, the kitchen is the room in your home that produces the single greatest return on investment when renovated. The trick of course to getting optimal personal enjoyment and maximum value is to have a great design wrapped around a truly functional floor plan. 

Getting a great design and optimized floor plan are straight-forward when you’re working with the Studio 818 team. But construction costs for a kitchen renovation may leave you a little unsure of what your overall budget will look like. No worries though, we’ve got you covered with this introduction to kitchen renovation costs.

An introduction to kitchen renovation costs in South Florida

When it comes to guidance on construction costs we are in a unique position. The great thing about our business is that although Studio 818 is not a general contractor, we have over 20-years managing contractors of all types on projects ranging from kitchens to new ground-up custom homes. That puts us in the position of knowing construction costs and being intimate with building processes (especially in South Florida) but not having to make a profit off construction work as a contractor does.

That’s a huge benefit to you as the homeowner. We have no agenda except to provide you with the ideal design and to protect your interests throughout the project. With that in mind here’s a basic introduction to construction costs for new kitchens. You’ll notice that we’ve included a breakout for the accompanying reconfiguration of the surrounding floor plan. That’s for two reasons;

  1. In South Florida it’s almost always a necessity with many homes being built pre-1990’s where the kitchen is sequestered from the rest of the home
  2. Because reorienting the kitchen and reconfiguring the surrounding floor plan work together to exponentially increase the value of your home
Baseline kitchen renovation costs  

Mid-market finishes: as a baseline for construction costs you can figure $450/sf for kitchens with mid-market finishes. Living areas being reconfigured around the kitchen in a new floor plan will start at $175/Sf with mid-market finishes.

Luxury finishes: For luxury finishes in your kitchen you should figure at least $600/sf for any kitchen area and $250/Sf for living areas around the kitchen being reconfigured.

Of course things like project complexity, site conditions, size of the home and level of finishes desired will ultimately determine actual costs for construction. If you’d like to dig deeper and get a better understanding of the costs of building or renovating in South Florida we’ve published two eBooks that you’ll want to get:

  • The Real Deal on Design & Renovation Costs in South Florida
  • Seven Killer Flaws to Fix When Renovating a Home in South Florida

You can grab them both for free HERE

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