A 6-month gut-rehab and expansion in under 3-minutes? Yep, you got it! It’s time to take a look at the full project time-lapse for our #Pumphouse project in Wilton Manors / Fort Lauderdale. Watch as it gets transformed from dilapidated ugly duckling to a Modern Farmhouse design masterpiece.

On many of our major design-build projects it can be a year or more from first laying eyes on a property through to turn-key completion. After hundreds of hours and countless site-visits it all just becomes a blur. It’s so easy to forget where a structure started and what went into it to create the pretty finished product.

I guess we can just chalk that up to human nature. That’s why the time-lapse video for the entire project is one of my favorite ways to look back at a project.

It may not cover the 4+ months spent on the master design, construction documents, planning and permitting processes. But compressing 6-months of construction work into just 3-minutes is the perfect summary to document the heart, sweat and tears our team poured into a property to make it the perfect new Modern Farmhouse designed home for the lucky new owners. Enjoy!