March 22, 2019 admin

Real Simple Magazine Profiles Studio 818 in High-Contrast Kitchen Feature

real-simple_high-contrast kitchen feature article profiles Studio 818

Stepping out and designing something bold and different is nerve-racking and super-fun at the same time. This high-contrast kitchen designed for our ‘Jungle Too’ whole-house renovation project in Oakland Park is the perfect example. Combining vintage teal green and wood on the kitchen cabinetry with pendants made from brass deck lights salvaged off a cargo ship built in the late 1800’s was an untested combination.

But with bold design comes bigger rewards when done right. Inner satisfaction comes from leading the construction team to make it come together. Seeing the homeowner react with the giddiness of a child about her new kitchen is the absolute best external reward. But having your bold design risks being selected out of tens-of-thousands of kitchen images by national magazines isn’t too bad either. 🙂

Real Simple magazine profiles Studio 818 in high-contrast kitchen feature