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Atomic Ranch – Design Issue

Mid-Century Design Built From the Ground Up in Fort Lauderdale

Atomic Ranch Design Issue cover

How do you bring the spirit of Mid Century Modern design to a new custom home in Florida? Atomic Ranch magazine answers that question in this 10-page article featuring STUDIO 818’s #MidMod custom home project.

Many people are drawn to Mid Century Modern homes because of the history that’s seeped deep into every corner. When building a new mid century inspired home from the ground up Atomic Ranch knows replicating that feeling can be a challenge. And when that home also needs to be built to withstand a hurricane it’s a challenge that’s not for the faint of heart.

We’re honored to be interviewed by a leading international publication like Atomic Ranch, and especially to be featured in their special Design Issue. We love that they dig into how we overcome the challenges and complexities of building new Mid-Century inspired homes in South Florida.

Check out the online version of the article on bringing California mid century style to Fort Lauderdale.

Want to see more on the planning, design and completion of this new mid century modern inspired build?

Click here to see the design renderings of the ground-up MidMod project.

For the finished product, click here to see the finished photos on the MidMod project.

About Atomic Ranch: If you love Mid Century Modern style, then Atomic Ranch is for you. The print magazine and website are your destination for MCM design, architecture and history. Plus all the build, renovation, preservation and décor inspiration you need. Whether you’re planning to build a new Mid Century Modern inspired home from the ground up, renovate a mid century house or infusing mid-mod style into an home built in another era. Atomic Ranch is a great resource for ideas to stir your dreams.

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